• 2013/05/24

    Prelimenary conference program.

Dear colleagues!

Organizing Committee and Program Committee of the International Conference «Remote Sensing of Earth Covers Using Synthetic Aperture Radars» invite you and members of your organization to participate in the Conference!

International conference «Remote Sensing of Earth Covers Using Synthetic Aperture Radars» will be held in June 24-29, 2013 in Ulan-Ude and Enkhaluk (Lake Baikal).

Official languages – Russian, English.

  • RAS Scientific Council on Radiowave Propagation;
  • Institute of Physical Materials Science SB RAS;
  • Kirensky Institute of Physics SB RAS;
  • Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS;
  • Siberian State Aerospace University;
  • JSC “Russian Space Systems”.
  1. SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry;
  2. Radar and Optical Data Fusion;
  3. Earth Covers Radiometry;
  4. Radiophysical Diagnostic Methods of Environment. Algorithms, Tools and Results.
Publication of Materials

All papers will be published on conference site and site of JSC “Russian Space Systems”. Papers recommended by the Program Committee will be published in “Siberian State Aerospace University Bulletin”. Instructions for authors.

Registration Fee

Includes transfer (Ulan-Ude – Enkhaluk and back), coffee breaks, excursions and publication: €300.